What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS: Content Management System.

WordPress enables you to create, manage and update your website without having to do any coding.

Of all CMS Websites in the world, 63% use WordPress, the next closet is Joomla at about 2%.

Learning WordPress is a great way to being your Design Learning, Website Building, Layout & Formating Skills.

You can have a website with us called: smithfamily.home.school.nz, or sparky.home.school.nz, or some other imaginative name.

What do I get for $65 a year?

  • I have a Google Classroom that I can invite you in to.
  • I have a library of videos you can view to learn the basics, but then on Youtube there are millions of WordPress videos.
  • I am contactable if you have questions or problems.
  • And you can see a wide range of websites that I am already hosting.
  • Contact me: tony@ai.net.nz, 06-880-0000.


Get Your Site

I would rather show you a beautiful picture than a computer screen. Though this is what WordPress looks like.

We offer two options.


Using the domain name that we own we can set up a sub domain for you. You could have smithfamily.home.school.nz or funscience.home.school.nz.

The name you want at the front of the domain is just up to your imagination.

The yearly cost for this is $65.00 a year. Including GST

Your own Domain Name

A domain name costs about $36.00 a year. Then the website is a little bit more expensive and is $80.00 a year. Our expectation is that these sites are a not for profit website. I also offer full-featured business websites and these are $360.00 a year, and also include GST.

Learning WordPress

I would like to invite you into a Google Classroom that will help you learn how to use WordPress.

We also have a YouTube Channel that goes over these lessons.


This can be come a place where happenings in your area, and resources can be advertised.

About Us

We are Tony & Christine Arcus.

We homeschooled four for eighten years.

Over the last four years, we have been working with Youth With a Mission in Kona, Hawaii. That may sound exotic and fun, and in many ways, it is. Not as tourists but as people that now get to give in to the lives of thousands of students that pass through the campus here.

We are still running our Tech Business, hence the ability to offer you WordPress websites that are full featured at such a low price. It is our business that helps us to do and be here in Kona.

We are working in the area of Natural Farm, Aquaponics, Sustainable Agriculture.

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Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about what we offer, want to know more about YWAM or for any reason.